What are whiteheads and how quick can you get rid of them

Like the blackheads, white dots are a skin problem and occur both on adolescents and adults. Experts say that whiteheads are actually a form of acne that occurs when dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria is trapped in the pores remain closed.

Wash your face twice a day
Whiteheads occur when excess sebum, dead cells and bacteria remain trapped in pores. For this reason you should wash your face twice a day using gentle cleaning products that do not contain oil. Warning – do not wash more than twice a day, because you can irritate and dry your skin.

Use aspirin
Yes a run to the pharmacy and buy some aspirin pills buffered one, which your grind it and mix it with a little water until it forms a thick paste. Apply directly resulting product whiteheads, to clean the area as well.

Take them out with help from a specialist
Do not try to pull your own whiteheads because your pores can become infected or pimples may occur. So you can remove the whiteheads yourself or you can go to a dermatologist, who will remove thwhiteheads with a sterile instrument.

What are whiteheads and how quick can you get rid of them

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