Top 10 Tips to Stop Smoking

Smoking if a disease. Many of those who have managed to quit confess it now. But how difficult it is to quit? They mention that it probably the most difficult thing in their life. But not impossible. We believe that nothing is impossible as long as it is up to you to achieve it.

Before being able to free yourself from this vice, you must understand its effects and its consequences. The sooner you realize that it affects your health and the health of all people around you, the more convinced you will be to quit smoking. Apart from that you need to be aware of the fact that smoking does not bring you any long-term benefit. On the contrary, it will empty your pocket, damage your health and destroy the relation with your friends and loved ones.

Only then you will be able to pass through the below steps that will eventually set you free.

  1. Set a start date

Establish a date when you want to start quitting. Up to that moment keep doing your regular, without reducing smoking at all.

  1. Remember you do no sacrifice

When you make this decision, keep in mind that you have nothing to lose by doing this step forward. On the contrary, you will liberate yourself from the nicotine prison and you have taken the best decision in your life. You will also regain your health, strength and lost friendships. At the end of the process you will realize that your pocket is fuller… and you can invest money in much better things.

  1. Don’t panic if you feel withdrawn

The lack of nicotine produces a certain chaos within your system reaching to a point at which your body can be covered by withdrawal. Don’t worry. This sensation is temporal and it’s normal. Your body is eliminating that toxic substance.

Enjoy your morning coffee calmly, thinking positive and enjoying the its taste, a taste that most probably you have forgotten.

  1. Think about smoking positively

As you used to be a smoker, it is impossible to suddenly stop thinking about smoking. It is normal. Try not to force yourself to erase this concept from your mind. You will never make it. Instead, think about smoking as it a finished chapter of your life which was surpassed with success, bringing in front all those benefits quitting brought.

  1. Throw the cigarettes away

If you are convinced of the step you want to make, then you have to get rid of every cigarette in your house or office. If you still have one hidden somewhere, then your goal is about to fall. If you manage to do this, half of the way is already done.

  1. Say goodbye

Similar to movies, you have to always say goodbye. So, before smoking your last cigarette swear yourself that it is the last cigarette you will ever smoke and make yourself a promise: you will never give up, no matter how hard the process will be. And remember that a promise is a promise. You must always keep it.

  1. Don’t renounce at your social life

The worst decision you could take in this situation is to stop going out with your friends, partying and enjoying life. If you will not smoke any longer, that doesn’t mean that you cannot stay close to people who still do. The important thing is to realize that they will actually envy you for your achievement. Also, be proud of yourself that you managed to restore your health and freedom, while they didn’t.

  1. Say no to temptations

Temptations will try your strength during the cleaning process and even after. But you must be firm in your decision and know to refuse. If you think that one cigarette for fun will create a more pleasant atmosphere, you are wrong. You will fall again and it will be even more difficult to raise again.

  1. Quit nicotine for good

The market is full of nicotine substitutes which promise you to better face the cravings. False. They will only perpetuate the need, supplying the drug.

  1. Live again

A life free of cigarettes is a new life. You will be able to do things you stopped doing while you were a smoker, see life with other eyes. The important thing here is to always remember that it is very easy to become a smoker, but very difficult to become a non-smoker. Before accepting a puff, think at how good you feel now and how is your life at the moment. Ask yourself if it is worth losing all you have gained so far and be proud of what you managed to achieve. By yourself!


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