Three original make-up tricks that you need to try!

Here are the top 3 improvisations of makeup you need to try it!

1. Eyeliner pencil becomes eyeliner gel
If you want the tip of the pencil to be softer you can warm it with a hairdryer. Hold the pencil in hot air stream, a few inches away and tip will soften, making it easy to use on the skin.

2. Lashes with volume
If you want your lashes to be more bulky, you can do so without being forced to buy a new mascara. Turn your lashes, apply a first coat of mascara on the eyelashes and then put a layer of powder. Then apply mascara and let it dry.

3. Eyebrow Pencil
You can give your eyebrows the desired shape with a matte brown eyeshadow close to their natural color. You need a very fine brush to apply the paint with. Then use around the brow corrector which to stretch evenly with a sponge for applying the foundation.

Three original make-up tricks that you need to try

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