Three natural treatments for long and thick eyelashes

Every woman wants a seductive look and and thick and long eyelashes certainly defines it. If you are looking for treatments to help you in this matter, today we offer you three recipes for natural enviable eyelashes!

Treatment with green tea castor oil
Mix in a small bowl, a spoon of castor oil two to three teaspoons of green tea. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator and apply the treatment every night, with the brush of mascara. Treatment should be left overnight. Antioxidants in green tea and vitamins castor oil accelerates the regeneration eyelashes and are one of the handiest natural solutions for long and thick eyelashes.

Treatment with the Vitamin E
This time the treatment does not apply on the eyelashes, but on the eyelids. Rub your eyes gently with a little vitamin E every night before bed. This will lead to a better vascularization of the area and thus rapid regeneration of the eyelashes.

Treatment with olive oil and lemon
In a glass put 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and a piece of lemon peel. Leave the lemon to soak for three days, and then use the oil applying it on the eyelashes, using a mascara brush. The results will be seen after just one week, the eyelashes will become thicker and stronger.

Natural treatments for three long eyelashes and thick

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