Homemade solution: How to get rid of yellowish nails

How to get rid of yellow nails

If in the summer we love colorful nail polish which fits to our summer outfits, in the autumn is time to return to a more sober style fitted with the atmosphere. And because the transition from warm to dark colors should not be all at once, french manicure is particularly suited for this period. What…

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Beauty habits of the most beautiful women in the world


We drink enough water, yet few of us look as WOW as top stars on the red carpet. How to look as good as the stars! Kate Moss massages her face with oil to stimulate lymphatic drainage. She claims to have easy lifting effect. Blake Lively protects her hair peaks with mayonnaise, when she washer…

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Five tips that will help you protect your skin in winter

Five tips that will help you protect your skin in winter2

1. Drink! Tea, water, spa … Hydration starts from within, so drink 2 liters of fluid daily even if you are not thirsty. 2. Adapt your diet Everything you eat your skin ensures a lesser or greater hydration. Prefer foods rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids (fatty fish, dried fruits, nuts, figs). 3….

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