How can you tell when you cosmetics expire

Lipstick When expires it changes it’s consistency. Do not use, you can irritate the skin. Foundation cream If changes color or smell, must be discarded. The fluid can “shred”. Nail polish It’s not longer good when it thickens. Therefore it is better not forget it opened. MASCARA Get rid of it as soon as it…

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Top five mistakes that scare the guys away

You think beauty products helps you look more beautiful in the eyes of the guy you like. True, but you have to know how and how to use them, especially if you are suitable for the many mistakes that can be made in terms of beauty that put men on the run. If you want…

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Three beautiful eyelashes natural tricks

Infinitely, long and thick eyelashes, full of volume, sexy and mysterious … but no mascara can do wonders, only you can with these simple tricks! You do not need false eyelashes as long as you can care and emphasizes the natural ones. These three tips will help you have beautiful eyelashes, more frequent and longer….

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Makeup of the week. Heart eyeliners.

The charm of this make-up consists in the details. This makeup is based on an original idea, which is to draw small signs to decorate your eyes. She is inspired by decorative makeup in which the eyes are decorated with glittering stones. But this is not such a sophisticated makeup, but rather playful. It can…

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Makeup of the week make-up for school, ready in 10 minutes!

This week we offer you to try a simple makeup, to please the teachers. To achieve this look you need: – BB cream; – Corrector and concealer; – Brown powder; – Beige and brown eyeshadow; – Mascara; – Lip Liner in nude tone; Here’s how to do it!

Makeup for small eyes

With this makeup eyes will seem to be much bigger than in reality! Learn how to get this effect! To achieve this look you need: – Corrector cream; – Beige shimmer shadow to the base; – Beige blush champagne and beige coral; – Clumps of false eyelashes; – Mascara; – White eyeliner pencil Here’s what…

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Five make-up tricks for girls who wear glasses

Eyeglasses should not make you feel uncomfortable, especially since there are a lot of cool frames models. And with the right makeup you will look perfect! Let me tell you a secret: guys like girls with glasses and do not consider them nerds. Use these tricks of makeup and you will stand out. 1. Do…

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