How can you tell when you cosmetics expire

Lipstick When expires it changes it’s consistency. Do not use, you can irritate the skin. Foundation cream If changes color or smell, must be discarded. The fluid can “shred”. Nail polish It’s not longer good when it thickens. Therefore it is better not forget it opened. MASCARA Get rid of it as soon as it…

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Beautiful eye makeup designs

We present a few beautiful eye makeup designs. To achieve this look you need: – Concealer, foundation or BB cream powder; – Blush white, beige and gray; – Blue shadow to the outer corners of the eyes; – Liquid eyeliner black; – Eyebrow pencil and mascara; – Blush and lipstick pink;

Top five mistakes that scare the guys away

You think beauty products helps you look more beautiful in the eyes of the guy you like. True, but you have to know how and how to use them, especially if you are suitable for the many mistakes that can be made in terms of beauty that put men on the run. If you want…

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Three tricks that will make your lips look bigger

You don’t need botox or any other medical interventions, just only a few tricks to create an illusion of volume. 1. Use light-colored lipsticks and pink or colorless gloss. 2. Redraw the contours of your lips, a little beyond their edge with a contour pencil and then apply lipstick in a color close to the…

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