How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

Top 10 Remedies to GET RID of brown spots!

Sun exposure can stimulate melanin production, which turns the skin darker. This coloration is known as dark or brown spots, liver spots or sun spots. Brown spots appear as a consequence of sun exposure, but they can be also caused by genetics or aging. Even if they are not harmful, they can be quite unattractive,…

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How to get bigger lips naturally

how to have bigger lips natually

All women want big and sexy lips, but not everyone can afford botox injections and hyaluronic acid, and many women want to obtain this volume effect naturally. See how to get bigger lips naturally. 1. Exfoliate your lips to give them volume! Dark lips look smaller, and if there are also dehydrated, that’s even worse….

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Three natural masks for treating damaged hair

3 natural masks for treating damaged hair

1. Egg & olive oil mask Beat well with a fork two fresh egg yolks and add a tablespoon of olive oil of the highest quality. You get a preparation similar to mayonnaise. Apply the mask on wet hair and let it act 15-30 minutes. Then wash your head using your usual shampoo. 2. Castor…

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How to use tea tree oil to treat the acne!

How to use tea tree oil to treat the acne2

Tea tree oil is an alternative herbal treatment for pimples. It has disinfectant properties and calming and cleans the skin of its natural oils. As soon as you learn to use it will become a formidable weapon in the fight against acne. Make your own homemade treatment. If the tea tree undiluted essential oil seems…

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