How to restore the shine of your dyed hair

As you already know, if you used to dye your hair after a certain period, usually after a few weeks of painting, its brightness disappears. Here’s how you can fix this annoyance with three natural ingredients available, you might already have them at home …

Brightness treatment based on beer

If you have not tried before, you will be amazed by the results. Steal his beloved beer from the fridge and apply the magic fluid along the length of the hair. Leave the beer to act for half an hour and then wash your hair as usually. Vitamin B, and proteins in beer will give your hair an enviable glow.

Avocado mask for a shiny look

Being rich in healthy oils, avocados can do wonders for hair – both shine and hair regeneration. Pass one or two avocados, depending on the length of your hair, mix mashed avocado with egg white and then apply the resulting mask the entire length hair.


How to restore the shine of your dyed hair

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