RAW potato juice, your beauty ally!

We show you a method on how to include raw potato juice in your beauty ritual and find out all it’s benefits. Potato is a cheap food found in everyone’s kitchen and it can be easily used in a lot of recipes. We bet you didn’t know that an ordinary potato can help you in achieving your goal to be beautiful. Her are some of its benefits for hair and skin.

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The potato is an alkaline cleanser, very right in vitamins and minerals. It also contains a large number of antioxidants, which makes it perfect for your skin. The juice made of raw potato can prevent the premature aging of your skin, it can also moisturize it or clean it of impurities. This natural cleanser can also help you get rid of bags under the eyes.

In order to fully benefit of its proprieties al you need to do is to squeeze few potatoes and then gently massage your skin with a cotton pad soaked in that fresh juice. You can easily use it for different combinations, all kind of natural treatments, that I even do myself. An excellent toner is created by mixing the potatoes juice with lemon juice.[/expand]

RAW potato juice, your beauty ally

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