The Oldest Self-healing Method In The World Takes Only 10 Minutes A Day!

What would you do to improve your health and prolong your life? We bet that you would do anything. But there is an easy and beneficial way through which you can achieve all that: the Ayurveda healing method.

Recognized by the World Health Organization, the method manages to reestablish the strong connection between the body and the soul through energy. It is composed of three factors:

  • Kapha – improves the body strength;
  • Vatta – ensures a balanced breathing;
  • Pitta – balances your metabolism.

Here is how you need to proceed:

In the morning:

Clean your tongue. Follow the brushing by a tongue cleaning. With a tongue cleaner remove all the impurities and bacteria deposited on the tongue. In this way, you will remove the harmful toxins from your mouth and help your kidneys work better.

Rinse your mouth with sesame oil. Replace your mouthwash with sesame oil. Compared to the products on the market, sesame oil is much more beneficial for your oral health.

Massage your body for three minutes. Massage is a very good way to stimulate your circulation and restore all your senses. Do it this way: take a soft brush and do 10-20 strokes using circular motions on the neck, back, shoulder hands and fingers. Then move to your chest, but this time use horizontal motions. Once you reach the stomach you need to perform left-right movements and for the tights, legs and feet inside-out ones. When doing this massage, make sure you respect the continuity of the movements and the order of the body parts that must be massaged.

Along the day:

Consume boiled water. Boiled water is more efficient than normal water when it comes to eliminating toxins from your body. So, boil ½ l of water for about 15 minutes then consume this liquid in about 30 minutes.

Take deep breaths for two minutes. Do a series of deep nose breathing exercises, but make sure that once you inhale the air you keep it inside for several seconds before expelling it through your nose. Focus on this exercise only and you will see that several minutes later you will feel more relaxed.

In the evening:

Improve your digestion. You can help your body better digest the food you have consumed during the entire day by performing a sesame oil massage over your stomach. You need to use warm oil though. After the massage, you must place a towel that you have previously soaked into hot water on your belly and let it sit until it gets cold. You will sleep better and in the morning, you will feel more fresh and relaxed.


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