Natural remedy for dry elbows

During winter, a lot of people face this issue of dry elbows. But if you have more sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, and you have a desk job, you surely face this problem all the time, not only in during the cold seasons. Here is how you can do your own treatment to help you get rid of this problem.
Ingredients: You will need one teaspoon of cream of watercress, a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and a little vial of vitamin A.

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Start by mixing all ingredients in a glass and thengenerously apply the treatment to the problematic areas. The best time to apply the treatment is in the evening right before going to bed and sleep wearing a long-sleeved shirt.  If you are uncomfortable to sleep with this treatment, you can easily apply it whenever you want and have time, let him for a 10 minutes, then wash gently your elbows and don’t forget to apply moisturizer. After repeating the process a few times your skin will be hydrated and smooth.

Natural remedy for dry elbows

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