Mistakes you do when you shave your mustache

Do you want to get rid of your mustache and not remain with spots on your face? You got off the unwanted hair, but you irritated bad and you got full of bumps? See what mistakes you do when shave you shave your mustache and learn to avoid them in the future.

Perhaps the biggest mistake is when you shave your mustache, like a man.
Although opinions are divided on myths and classic “will it grow more often and faster” the main problem with that is that the hair grows quickly and harshly.

The use of retinol treatments

Facial Treatments with retinol have a simple rule: use them with care. This rule has one exception: when you prepare to shave your mustache,
Retinol makes the skin fragile and sensitive, and a waxing may end up with layers of skin missing, taken with wax.
Specialists recommend to stop retinol treatments a week before you shave the mustache, so you can protect your skin.

Mistakes you do when you shave your mustache


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