How to exfoliate your skin naturally, at home

Homemade exfoliating products are among the best in the world ! Not only are all natural, but home made exfoliants provide a soft skin ! So ladies, read on and try out :

1.Coffee, lavender and sugar:

         This is actually a homemade scrub that i use all the time. Smoothing effects of lavender , the smell of coffee and sugar make it a wonderful exfoliant ! If you are looking for a product that will calm sensitive skin, this is the answer !

  1. Sugar and olive oil :

           Sugar and olive oil was one of the most popular exfoliants ! All you have to do is get some sugar , add a little olive oil and rub the skin easy! Oil and sugar combination makes a fantastic softening agent that eliminates dead cells.

  1. Salt and lemon :

        If you have a lot of problems with oily skin, do not worry! This is one of the most effective exfoliant for oily skin! Lemon juice will remove all the oil while the salt will remove dead skin! Try it, it really works!

  1. Strawberries and honey :

      I am actually a big fan of strawberries ! Not only that it will soften rough skin in combination with honey, but the strawberries seeds will do wonders for the dead skin !

  1. Mashed strawberry :

       If your skin is soft enough but still have some problems with oil, you definitely want to try this ! Just crush some strawberries and gently rub the skin !

  1. Epsom salts and water :

       Epsom salts are the purest salt in the world! Reveal the softness of your skin by rubbing the skin with salt and water !

  1. Honey and sugar :

       Honey can be used in many ways. Mixed with a little sugar turns into a fantastic scrub! This scrub will not only soften the skin, but will make you shine !

  1. Brown sugar :

       Brown sugar scrub is another amazing home made exfoliant ! Now you can use either a pasta of brown sugar ( brown sugar with water) or simple brown sugar. It will do wonders !

How to exfoliate your skin naturally, at home


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