Homemade solution: How to get rid of yellowish nails

If in the summer we love colorful nail polish which fits to our summer outfits, in the autumn is time to return to a more sober style fitted with the atmosphere. And because the transition from warm to dark colors should not be all at once, french manicure is particularly suited for this period. What do we do when we cannot have it.

Certainly , at least once , it happened to want a flawless French manicure and you didn’t have it because of the yellow nails. Do not worry !

Yellow nails are not necessarily a sign of a skin or nail disease , but is simply a result of repeated use of nail polish , no matter how expensive and full of quality it is. The good part of this is that it is not necessary to wait until your nails grow in order to get rid of the yellow part.

Nail beauty experts have several tricks that you can use at home to have impeccable nails again:

  • Mix one tablespoon of Clorox in a cup of water , then rub your nails with this solution using an old toothbrush that you are not using anymore. Clorox solution can be replaced with a toothpaste with peroxide. (Suzanne Levine- InStyle Magazine)
  • Put a drop of lemon juice or fresh lavender oil directly on the nail and rub with a cotton pad to remove yellow stains ( Allure)
  • Cut a lemon in a half, press it a little between your palms, then put your fingers in middle and move them there for a few minutes. Then rub your nails with a delicate children toothbrush. ( Ramona Givens – L.A nail expert)
  • Keep your fingers for 10 minutes in a solution that contains 4 parts water and one part of hydrogen peroxide. (Allure- Confessions of a Beauty Editor)
  • Keep your fingers for 2 minutes in a solution that contains 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a quarter cup of water, then rub your nails with a toothbrush while keeping them in the solution. Massage your nails and cuticles with a special oil with vitamin E. Wait another 2 minutes, then remove the oil with nail polish remover without acetone ( Cosmopolitan)
  • Put two pills for cleaning teeth in a glass containing a quarter of water. Keep your fingers into the solution and rub your nails with a special brush ( Marie Claire- Hair & Makeup)



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