How to get rid of blackheads using a plastic wrap

Blackheads are a nightmare for women. No matter how many cosmetic treatments go, what products you use, sometimes they simply are keen and return.

However, an unconventional treatment, easy to do at home, could be the final solution against blackheads. Here’s how you can clean your pores deeply and how to get rid of unsightly blackheads forever!
For this treatment, you will need the following items: a piece of plastic food wrap a towel, some napkins and a moisturizer, preferably with an oily texture. You can use, for example, calendula cream.

Farewell, blackheads!

1. Wash your face with warm water to open the pores. For best results, it is recommended that you apply this treatment once you get out from the shower.

2. Apply to the affected areas of blackheads a thick layer of cream.

3. Cut a piece of plastic wrap and cover with foil all that you have applied the cream. Then, over wrap, apply the hot towel for five minutes. The warmer the towel is, the better, but be careful not to be too hot!

How to get rid of blackheads using a plastic wrap

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