How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Latest studies upon how sleeping is influenced by food have shown that avoiding to eat up to 16 hours can actually improve your sleep and implicitly help people who work in shifts balance their system easier.

It is already known that human circadian rhythm is controlled by light. However, these studies have revealed that there is a second clock, called “food clock”, which is usually manifested when you are hungry. According to the specialists, this second clock can take over the circadian rhythm, influencing it to the point it actually changes it. For example, people who change the time zone, can get used to it easier now with the food clock.

But we must know how it works. Let’s see!

It is very simple. All you have to do is fast for 12-16 hours before waking up. When you have breakfast, your internal clock will think that it is the beginning of a new day. Make sure though you have a rich meal, before the fastening. Your body will need all those nutrients and energy over the ‘night’.

This theory is also a reality because it has a simple explanation: survival. The studies have proven that small mammals need to balance constantly their internal clock as they cannot find food with regularity. So, managing the sleeping hours in correspondence with meal time is the best way to keep your system working at its optimal levels.


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