Five tips that will help you protect your skin in winter

1. Drink!
Tea, water, spa … Hydration starts from within, so drink 2 liters of fluid daily even if you are not thirsty.

2. Adapt your diet
Everything you eat your skin ensures a lesser or greater hydration. Prefer foods rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids (fatty fish, dried fruits, nuts, figs).

3. Decrease the temperature
If you want to fight against cold and you want to better conserve the moisture level of the skin, avoid to stay indoors in a very high temperature. Excess heat will dry out the skin and moving it to the cold will be felt more strongly.

4. Use a cream fatter
Summer face cream must have a lighter formula not to load your skin, instead the winter one should be more consistent and fat to nourish your skin.

5. Nourishing masks
To prevent or treat the dry skin, must apply a turbo care every week, meaning a moisturizing mask. Choose a special mask for dry skin and apply it the evening before bedtime.

Five tips that will help you protect your skin in winter

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