Five misconceptions about beauty that you must immediately forget!

In the beauty area preconceptions have their own territory. Everyone thinks he’s good at it. If he’s not good at it, it’s impossible not to heard somewhere, for example, what you have to do to get rid of pimples or to have a beautiful hair.

However, things are not so and beauty has its own laws, but that does not mean you have to take everything you hear as a good advice and put into practice. The ideas you hear, either if it’s about shaving, sunscreen, makeup or body care we have identified five such misconceptions that have nothing to do with reality!

1. If you put nail polish remover it will stretch better on nails.
2. If you have oily skin, you should not use cream.
3. Brunette girls do not need sunscreen.
4. If you shave with a blade, more hair will grow.
5. In the evening you can not use face cream for daytime.

Five misconceptions about beauty that you must immediately forget

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