Find out why you need to use cosmetics based on sea salt!

The Dead Sea is one of the most popular in the world because it is a natural source of minerals for our beauty unsuspected virtues. Since its salinity is approx. 27.5%, it is very rich in minerals, its name coming from the very fact that no living thing can survive in an environment so salty.

The Dead Sea salt has disinfecting, repair and relaxing the body benefits. From here, baths with sea salt recommended for heavy feeling legs, and generally tired body. Sea salt helps in healing eczema skin to treat psoriasis and cystitis site to reduce the effects of rheumatism and rheumatic pain and decrease muscle tension. Also, sea salt massage activates blood circulation and reduces the cellulite.

Considering all these properties, many cosmetic companies have introduced sea salt as an ingredient in their products: shower gel, produced by scrub, hand cream, and milk cream body and face care.

Find out why you need to use cosmetics based on sea salt


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