Beauty tips from grandmother

Beauty tips from grandmother

Learn how to be beautiful naturally, with tricks and products used for decades. Take advantage of remedies and natural resources, the time when cosmetics were not very advanced and women still knew how to be beautiful. See some beauty tips from grandma.

Cure for smokers: How to clean your lungs naturally?

We have all heard about the expression “a smoker’s cough”, which basically refers to that cough that reminds us of a person who has been smoking for a long period of time. In fact, his/her body warns the smoker that the smoke inhaled every day damages the mouth, throat and especially the lungs. Combined with…

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Mistakes you do when you shave your mustache

Do you want to get rid of your mustache and not remain with spots on your face? You got off the unwanted hair, but you irritated bad and you got full of bumps? See what mistakes you do when shave you shave your mustache and learn to avoid them in the future.

How to lose fat in 7 days

Do you want lose weight on your belly, legs or arms? Whatever your problem area, Dr. Oz has for you a secret formula that combines two ingredients specifically targeting fat that gives you trouble. Want to lose your belly weight?

How can you tell when you cosmetics expire

Lipstick When expires it changes it’s consistency. Do not use, you can irritate the skin. Foundation cream If changes color or smell, must be discarded. The fluid can “shred”. Nail polish It’s not longer good when it thickens. Therefore it is better not forget it opened. MASCARA Get rid of it as soon as it…

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Find out why you need to use cosmetics based on sea salt!

The Dead Sea is one of the most popular in the world because it is a natural source of minerals for our beauty unsuspected virtues. Since its salinity is approx. 27.5%, it is very rich in minerals, its name coming from the very fact that no living thing can survive in an environment so salty.

Beauty mistakes that make you look older!

Skip the hydration part: Applying moisturizer, morning and evening is so important for your skin. As we age, the skin begins to lose that natural moisture and to help restore it we must necessarily use such a cream. Unsightly layers: If you use abundant concealer to hide pimples, make sure it’s the correct color.  Choose…

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Beauty habits of the most beautiful women in the world

We drink enough water, yet few of us look as WOW as top stars on the red carpet. How to look as good as the stars! Kate Moss massages her face with oil to stimulate lymphatic drainage. She claims to have easy lifting effect. Blake Lively protects her hair peaks with mayonnaise, when she washer…

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