Homemade solution: How to get rid of yellowish nails

If in the summer we love colorful nail polish which fits to our summer outfits, in the autumn is time to return to a more sober style fitted with the atmosphere. And because the transition from warm to dark colors should not be all at once, french manicure is particularly suited for this period. What…

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Snowflakes manicure

Because it is winter, we decided to propose you a manicure for this season! To achieve this manicure you need: – White nail polish base; – Blue and blue nail polish; – Dark blue nail polish with glitter; – Top coat; – Nail art tool; – Make-up sponge To check the full instructions please click…

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Peter Pan nail art manicure

You need: – Scissors, adhesive white paper, pencil – Transparent nail polish – Black nail polish – Matt white nail polish

Manicure of the week! Model inspired by Minions

You saw the two films “Despicable Me”? Do you enjoy jokes with minions? If you are a fan of these yellowish beings sure you’ll love our proposal nail art for this week. To achieve this manicure you need: – Yellow nail polish; – Blue nail polish; – Brush nail art and nail art tool; –…

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How to make your own french manicure

French manicure fits on any occasion and give to the hands a neat and elegant look. You need nail polish – colorless or white and pastel prefer – little acetone and a flat brush. It could be a make-up brush used in the application of eye shadow or brush drawing, it is important to be…

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How to correctly take care of your cuticles

Although many women cut their cuticles, health professionals do not recommend this at all – cuticles are designed to protect the nail, and their absence can cause painful infections. Here is how to properly care for your cuticles:

Animals nail art

To achieve this manicure you need: – Nail art tool and brush; – Clear nail polish and top coat; – Panda: dark green nail polish base, nail green, white and black; – Cow: White nail polish base, nail pink and black nail polish; – Flamingo: basic lie nail, nail pink and dark pink nail polish,…

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