How to restore the shine of your dyed hair

As you already know, if you used to dye your hair after a certain period, usually after a few weeks of painting, its brightness disappears. Here’s how you can fix this annoyance with three natural ingredients available, you might already have them at home … Brightness treatment based on beer If you have not tried…

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Five beauty tips for brunettes

If you’re a brunette, surely you’d like to get some tips for you, since the tips for blondes are everywhere. TIPS: 1. Choose the right color for your skin 2. Try trend Ombre 3. Use black eyeliner 4. Try bangs hairstyle 5. Wear accessories

Six ideas for a SUPER HAIRSTYLE

You wake up late or you just lose too much time watching your favorite TV show? You’re late to school or meeting?  You do not have any idea for a WOW look? Do not panic! I present some simple ideas for a fresh look that will attract certainly the attention of others. Check the tutorial…

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Five fake myths about your hair care

To properly care for your hair you should forget a few rules that you were wrong infixed to you. Here are five of them! 1. Cutting peaks make hair grow faster 2. You should regularly change products with which you wash your head 3. You do not need conditioner 4. Can repair split ends 5….

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Four harmful habits that makes your hair fall down

The hair begins to fall for different reasons – changing season, grow old or not eat pretty healthy. In addition, some habits that seem harmless may be the cause for your hair loss. See which they are! 1. You catch your hair too tight 2. You comb your hair when it’s wet 3. You always…

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Three simple methods to repair damaged hair

Do you have a dry hair, which electrifies easily? Dr. Oz tells you three very simple and inexpensive methods of repair. Treatment hair with argan oil Argan oil is found in herbal stores, is rich in vitamins A and D, which prevents breakage and leaves your hair hydrated and “listener”. What you do: You only…

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Three natural masks for treating damaged hair

1. Egg & olive oil mask Beat well with a fork two fresh egg yolks and add a tablespoon of olive oil of the highest quality. You get a preparation similar to mayonnaise. Apply the mask on wet hair and let it act 15-30 minutes. Then wash your head using your usual shampoo. 2. Castor…

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