ATTENTION: What happens when you skip breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. Hence, you are decided to lose weight and you keep skipping it and instead of a consistent meal, you just grab an apple or some cereal bar. Well, be aware that doing this only brings …

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8 Home Remedies to Clean Your Colon Fast & Effectively

A healthy colon is the key to a healthy body. Why? Because when the colon works at its optimal levels, all the toxins and waste are removed from your body with success, helping you maintain a clean body. Some people, face serious problems when it comes to the colon as …

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DIY Detox Foot Soak

Healing clays are a very good way of restoring the beauty of your face, armpits when put in the bathing water. But they are even more effective when they are used to detox your feet. Our feet are perhaps the most used part of our body. No matter if we …

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