You can use milk and bread to get rid of the ingrown hairs. Here’s how!

We bet you didn’t know that you can safely remove any ingrown hairs at home just using a warm milk compress and bread. Read this article and learn how to do it yourself! First, you need to start by heating a copy of milk, but be careful not to do it too hot because you will have to put it on your skin.

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Dip a small piece of bread in to the warm milk and put it on the affected area where the hair is trying to grow under the skin. Hold the compress there for a few minutes until it cools and then just repeat the process but next time make sure you keep the bread on th skin for at least ten minutes. After the second attempt you should see that the pore has opened. Then you need to take a sterile needle and pull the hair at the surface, through the pore that is now open. If you don’t want to use a needle you can use two ear sticks, just as trying to squeeze a pimple. The hair will easily emerge.
The warm milk will open the pores while moisturizes the skin. Now the hydrated skin is more elastic, so you can easily remove the ingrown hairs.
Heads Up! The needle you are using must be sterile, otherwise you risk a sever infection. After you successfully removed the ingrown hair you can apply an antiseptic cream.[/expand]

You can use milk and bread to get rid of the ingrown hairs

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