Beauty tips from grandmother

Learn how to be beautiful naturally, with tricks and products used for decades. Take advantage of remedies and natural resources, the time when cosmetics were not very advanced and women still knew how to be beautiful. See some beauty tips from grandma.

Cucumber for bright eyes

If you have a grandmother somewhere in the countryside that laughs at you when you’re putting your eye contour cream, gel, concealer and other products, you know what I mean.

Since ancient time, women have used cold cucumber slices for lighter skin around the eyes without dark circles and even as a method to cure wrinkles.

Fresh nails like lemon

Lemons have all kinds of benefits for the body and can be used in many ways to make your life easier. If you’ve ever seen your grandmother pressuring nails in freshly squeezed lemon or squeezing lemon by hand instead of using a special device for citrus fruits, you know how helpful it is.

Nails become whiter from the acid from lemon juice and stronger, peel rarer or none.

Natural exfoliator from oatmeal and almonds

The best exfoliating paste is made in house, say grandmothers who used it before going to the seaside for a uniform tan, or even after a day in the field, to cleanse the pores.

The recipe is simple. Mix half a cup of raw almonds with half a cup of oats and mix them with blender. You can add a little honey to apply it on the skin easier and to reduce the risk of pimples.

Freeze wrinkles with ice cubes

Any grandmother has done it at least once in life. Gently rub an ice cube over the eyes, forehead and rest of the face before going out of the house. It’s the equivalent of thermal water, only it has anti-wrinkle and anti-swollen eyes effects.

The pores are reduced, sebaceous glands are calmer and wrinkles are prevented. Instant refreshing effect guaranteed.


Grandmas from all over the world know that if you want to have beautiful and healthy hair, you should brush and braid it before bedtime. In addition, if you have straight hair and you want natural curls, braid the hair after you wash it and leave it to dry. In the morning you will have the world’s most beautiful curls without heat and broken hair wires.

Beauty tips from grandmother


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