ATTENTION: This Is What You Need To Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water!

Bottled water is a habit that most of us share and buying it from the market is even more common. But how many of us is actually paying attention at some details, such as the bottom of the plastic bottle? Too few.

On the bottom of almost every plastic bottle, there are some letters – PP, HDPE and HDP – which have certain meaning. Let’s see which signs to trust and which not.

PET/PETE – can harm your system as they release a series of substances that stop the hormonal production. In other words, avoid these bottles.

HDPE/HDP – is the mark of healthy water as the bottles marked with these signs prevent the plastic from releasing toxic substances.

3V/PVC – are the letters that should determine you to let the water bottle on the shelter of the supermarket.

LDPE – does not produce any harm to your system, however it is not the best option for you because this type of plastic is used in the bags production.

PS – reflects a great danger for your health. This type of plastic is usually present in the coffee cups or food recipients and they release carcinogens in the water.

PP – is usually used for the syrup and yoghurt recipients and is usually white colored or semi-transparent.

PC/non-labelled – is the most dangerous plastic type as it releases very dangerous substances.

Now that you have seen what those strange letters on the bottom of a plastic water bottle mean, you will certainly think twice before buying just any water bottle.


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