ATTENTION: What happens when you skip breakfast?

We all know that breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. Hence, you are decided to lose weight and you keep skipping it and instead of a consistent meal, you just grab an apple or some cereal bar. Well, be aware that doing this only brings your body negative aspects.

It will lower your blood sugar levels

When you have breakfast, you manage to control the levels of insulin in your body. Skipping breakfast will only give you sugar cravings the entire day.

It slows your metabolism

Studies have proven that eating in the morning gives you energy for the entire day, stimulating your metabolism alike. If, on the other hand you don’t eat, your metabolism slows down and stops burning calories.

It stimulates the stress hormones

Stress hormones, cortisol in particular, help your body transform the fat and sugars into energy, releasing tension and anxiety.

It affects your heart

Did you ever think that refusing to eat at breakfast can determine you gain weight? It is possible, yes. And with weight gain, the heart is at risk too as heart affections can appear: diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes or high cholesterol.


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