4 Diet mistakes you’re making that only create more belly fat

There are many myths related to weight loss, but it is important to pay attention at what you choose to believe. Before doing it, it is important to do some research. It is the only way you will be able to lose weight properly. If you are among those people who try to lose weight, keep a diet, but get no positive results, then maybe you are doing these mistakes:

You think that you can lose weight faster with a low-calorie diet

This is a diet that will only get you the opposite. It is true that eating less will help you lose weight, but consuming fewer calories means that your body will not burn fats with the same power, therefore it will no longer be able to help you lose weight.

You eat several small meals

You may have heard that if you eat small quantities of food several times a day (5) you will lose weight. You should know that by doing so, you only manage to reduce the cravings, but you cannot stimulate your metabolism and therefore lose weight. This thing is different from person to person, so find out how many meals are actually appropriate for you.

You think that eating late at night will add more kilos at your weight

This myth is just that, a myth. Even though celebrities claim that eating after 6 pm will make you get fat, the truth is that the hour does not count. What you eat matters. Studies have shown that the quantity and the food you choose to eat is what makes you gain weight.

You think that the calories are different

Well, in this case you are right. And more important is that the human body processes differently the calories. For example, up to 30% of the protein calories are burned during digestion, whereas only 6% of carb and 3% of fat calories disappear within this period. Therefore, you should consume more protein, if you want to be fit.


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